Moving Poster

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Moving Poster : La question de l’animation dans l’affiche. À quel moment l’affiche devient un film ? Une narration ? 53 exemeples d’affiches animées. Cette alliance de l’imprimé et du numérique démultiplie l’esthétique visuelle et double les niveaux de lecture. Super intéressant.
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” This project is an attempt, an inventory of the new up-and-coming medium, the moving poster.
The collection shows the wide range of possibilities, the limitations of digital posters and tries to answer questions, like: What are the techniques and methods of narration? Where does the poster end and where does a film begin? It ultimately leads us to the question of what a poster actually is and how this medium will continue to develop in the future.
Currently the exhibition consists of 53 moving posters. As a next step we are looking forward to collect more nice exhibits to expand our archive.”