Kelli Anderson

Kelli Anderson, an artist/designer and tinkerer who is always experimenting with new means of making images and experiences. He draw, photograph, cut, print, code, and create a variety of designed things.

Sur son site, une partie projets et une partie blog. Sur celui-ci un post sur des expérimentation autour de la typo en papier :

“ I wanted to confine myself to using the form of paper to render the image of the type, rather than using paper as a substrate for ink. While I did break that rule once, most of the lettering experiments are white-on-white… working within the parameters of “paper-only”. (The cheater-one that uses ink, relies on the form of a block of paper for the ink to display properly, so its really in the same spirit as the others… promise!)”

Joli et intéressant… Et l’interface de son site est bien aussi.
Kelli Anderson, le site , et le blog avec l’article “Paper Type Experiments”